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GoodFirms Labels Magic Projects as the Best Project Management Software

Magic Projects, the all-inclusive project management system, is endorsed by GoodFirms as the best Project Management Software.

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Why Is Magic Projects the Best Project Management Software?

Magic Projects is a cloud-hosted, free and open-source project management software designed to control numerous project management operations on a unified platform. Developed by a game designer, Magic Projects was initially created to fulfill various project management needs of video game companies, but its versatile and useful tools make it suitable for a broad range of industries and businesses. It befits the needs of companies of all sizes, small, medium, and large, due to its in-depth functionality. The software is instantly available with a free download. It works well on all popular operating systems and devices.


Magic Projects is widely used by businesses to streamline and control innumerable processes, people, and resources involved in projects. It enables frictionless project management with real-time project tracking, extensive task management, data extraction & analysis, and enhanced team collaboration. The software furnishes a tree-based task management tool and Gantt charts for flawless project planning. It further helps companies calculate accurate time estimates for tasks and simplifies budget planning and feasibility analysis.


The company offers its customers reliable customer support via email. It also provides help guides and video guides to enable customers to get acquainted with the product. The software undergoes constant development and improvement to serve as a perfect project management system for its users.

Benefits of Using Magic Projects Project Management Software

     Numerous project management tools on a unified platform

     Real-time project visibility


     Better project planning and scheduling

     Enhanced forecasting

     Informed decision-making

     Resource optimization

     Advantages of open source software

     Free software, no budget issues

     Enhanced team communication and collaboration

     Accountability and transparency

     Improved productivity and efficiency

     Reduced operational costs

     Boost in profits

Modules and Features of Magic Projects Software

     Centralized Task Management

     Idea Management

     Portfolio Management

     Project Tracking

     Project Planning

     Reporting & Forecasting

     Budget Management


     Progress Tracking

     Resource Management

     Gantt Charts

Pricing of Magic Projects System

Magic Projects is a free and open-source project management software that users can simply download and instantly leverage. Companies with budget limitations that cannot afford to spend on costly project management tools available in the market can profitably deploy this cloud-based software and boost their profits without any cost of implementing software.

Performance Evaluation of Magic Projects by GoodFirms

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Following a rigorous, unbiased, and systematic evaluation process, GoodFirms recognized and ranked Magic Projects as the best Project Management Software on its platform for offering versatile project management features and tools on one platform, benefits of open source, intuitive interface, reliable customer support, and free availability with a simple download.

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